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Swimming Pool

Here at Bow CP School, we are very proud to say that no chil, who has been at Bow since entering school in the Reception year, leaves unable to swim! We have an instantly recognisable way of identifying pupils swimming ability, through the colour of the swimming hat they are wearing - which is why it is compulsory that all pupils in the pool wear the appropriately coloured hat.

Red Hats*

  • Beginners and nervous swimmers.

Yellow Hats*

  • Be happy in the deepest water (swim across and back with no problems) and behave in a responsible manner.
  • Able to swim confidently and easily 1 length of the pool
  • Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Jump into the pool at designated place.
  • Go under water in the deep end.

Blue Hats*;

  • Able to complete 4 lengths of the pool demonstrating two reasonably good stroke


The pool is run by a committee. These are listed below.

  • Matt Crome - Chair
  • Rachel Nicks - Treasurer
  • Natalie chandler - secretary
  • Jennie Petersson
  • Karen Gutans
  • Laura Martin
  • Becky Pugsley
  • Jo Drake
  • Breifini Perkins
  • Chris Johnston is the school representative on the committee.