We have had many pupils poorly over the last few months.  If your child has a particularly prolonged period of absence - please contact their class teacher, so that we can support you during their illness with reading and comprehension material.


Attendance 30th October - 20th December 2017

Foxcubs - 91.96%    authorised absences - 7.76%     unauthorised absences - 0.28% term time holidays 0.2%

Otters - 93.99%       authorised absences - 5.39%     unauthorised absences - 0.61% term time holidays 0.53%

Hares - 95.52%        authorised absences - 4.12%     unauthorised absences - 0.36% term time holidays 0.03%

Badgers - 96.51%   authorised absences - 3.43%     unauthorised absences - 0.06% term time holidays 0.05%

Stags - 95.76%        authorised absences - 3.70%      unauthorised absences - 0.54% term time holidays 0.43%         

Your child's progress and success at the end of each year, depends on their fullest attendance throughout the year.  Each time a child is absent, it affects their learning as writing, including grammar, punctuation and spelling, along with maths are taught in blocks.  To be absent during a section of a learning block, means that they have missed the opportunity to gain further knowledge, skills and understanding, which they will build on for their next learning task.


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