Badgers' Summer Term

The last term seems to have flown by and we are already in the final term of the year. Many thanks for your support in helping us to raise money for silk paints - these will be ordered shortly and any money remaining will be used for resources needed this term.

This term, Badgers are learning all about careers and companies. We will start by becoming scientists, creating our own Rube Goldberg machines. See here for an example - Children will learn about different forces and how they can be manipulated for purpose. Alongside this, children will also become game designers, using coding in Scratch to create their very own games, which will be tested and evaluated by another class.

In the second half term, we will be delving more into the world of companies, with children working in small groups to create their own. Children will pitch ideas to local business people, create a business plan and sell their wares to the school community. At least some of the profits made will be reinvested into companies in developing companies. use microfinance to loan money to individuals or groups in developing countries, who over time repay this money. I think this will be  great opportunity for children to have a positive impact on families all over the world, through helping others to help themselves. This experience will culminate in a formal 'Business Awards' which you will all be invited to. 

As always, thank you for your support with your child's learning and I am sure we are going to have another very successful term.