Teacher: Mrs Turner
TA's: Mrs Welsh and Mrs Brine 
SEND support: Mrs Quick
PPA cover: Mrs Jones
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Important information

Badgers Autumn Term 2017


A huge warm welcome to our new, full time Badger class.  It’s so exciting as it has been 7 years since Bow has been able to have five, full time classes and I feel very privileged to be part of such a successful, growing school.  We are very privileged in Badgers to also have the support of two very experienced and knowledgeable teaching assistants, Mrs Welsh and Mrs Brine.


Our topic for the term until Christmas revolves around World War 1. Our aim is for the children to learn and engage with what life was like a century ago; learn what society was like; understand the key events of the war; realise the personal and individual impact that the war had upon people from different walks of life.  We will also cover many other areas across the curriculum, some with links to our overarching topic, some separate.  I am particularly looking forward to science this term as we get creative making our own instrument in our ‘Sound’ topic and also make a miniature solar system in ‘Earth and Space.


Physical Education will take place on Monday with our excellent external support, Mr. Bilcock, and Wednesday afternoons with myself. However, these days need to be flexible due to the changeable weather so it is advised that kit is kept in school during the whole week as PE could be taken on any day.  Kit can then be taken home half-termly for washing or over weekends.

Home learning

Homework for Badgers will consist of one half-page piece of work, to be chosen from the homework grid, which must be completed each week. I encourage the children to be as creative and have as much fun doing their homework as possible. Wow me! Surprise me! But most of all enjoy it.


Spelling is an important part of the English curriculum, and pupils will be provided with strategies to help practise and learn tricky and unfamiliar words during discrete spelling sessions in curriculum time. Pupils in Year 3 /4 and 5/6 have statutory word lists from the national curriculum that they are expected to learn and know by the end of Year 4 and 6. The list are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell. Some of the words listed are quite challenging so it would really benefit pupils to learn a few words (5-6) from the list each week as part of home learning.

I hope that your child has a successful term and enjoys and thrives in Badger class, learning, developing and taking great pride in all that they do.