Teacher: Mrs Amy Harvey
TA: Mrs Brine
PPA cover: Mrs Jones
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Badgers' Spring Term 

Following on from our successful learning all about the future last term, the Spring term sees Badgers learning all about the world! We will particularly focus on the oceans and their importance, but will be broadening our learning to that of counties, countries and continents too. Children will use the internet for research, whilst also developing their understanding of E-safety and how reliable/unreliable information can be, alongside using atlases. Other exciting things we will be covering include: finding out about Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Drake; designing, creating and evaluating rafts; writing stories based on myths and legends and creating some fantastic pieces of artwork. The children's learning will culminate in a workshop where parents are invited to be pupils; the students of Badgers class will be taking the lead and teaching you all that they know! Date for this is to be confirmed.