Badgers' Summer Term 

This term has seen a new approach to the way that we are planning and implementing the curriculum. We have taken the novel approach of asking the children to vote for a theme of interest, and before the Easter holidays, they all made suggestions and democratically voted forthe interesting topic of ‘animals’. With the help of the pupils, the classroom was decorated in preparation for our new topic and we have discussed at length what they would like to learn and investigate. This has really got the children excited and enthused about their learning in the upcoming term.


As previously mentioned we will be investigating animals. This will include looking at endangered species and conservation projects around the world and what we can do to support these.  The topic will be kicked off by a visit to Paignton Zoo where the children will learn about the many conservation projects and breeding programs run by the zoo, not only at the zoo but around the world.  The children will lead the topic and look at exciting ways of raising money to support an animal charity of their choice.  They will then plan and execute their ideas – raising not only money but also awareness in conservation and the fight against animal extinction.  They will learn to write persuasively and also engage a younger audience on the subject by writing and illustrating their own children’s book based on an endangered animal, which will be shared with Foxcubs.  I hope you agree, we have an exciting term ahead.

Badgers' Autumn Term 


A huge warm welcome to our new, full time Badger class.  It’s so exciting as it has been 7 years since Bow has been able to have five, full time classes and I feel very privileged to be part of such a successful, growing school.  We are very privileged in Badgers to also have the support of two very experienced and knowledgeable teaching assistants, Mrs Welsh and Mrs Brine.


Our topic for the term until Christmas revolves around World War 1. Our aim is for the children to learn and engage with what life was like a century ago; learn what society was like; understand the key events of the war; realise the personal and individual impact that the war had upon people from different walks of life.  We will also cover many other areas across the curriculum, some with links to our overarching topic, some separate.  I am particularly looking forward to science this term as we get creative making our own instrument in our ‘Sound’ topic and also make a miniature solar system in ‘Earth and Space.


 Badgers' Spring Term

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and that your children are keen to get back to their classmates to share their Christmas tales! I have plenty of exciting learning experiences for the pupils to get stuck into this term, and look forward to introducing them to our new topics. Mrs Jones will cover Badgers’ class on Tuesday afternoons and will be responsible for the teaching of art, music and RE.


Our topic for the term until the Easter holidays is titled ‘Earth Matters’.  Our aim is for the children to become increasingly aware of our planet and the way in which humans interact with it and its many different wonders.  We will also cover many other areas across the curriculum including 'Living Things and Their Habitats' where, after the February half term, we will be joining up with Hares’ Class for a tour of the local environment. Here, we will be able to carry out surveys and observations first hand of nature and wildlife in its natural habitat.