Teacher: Miss Alice Williams
TA's: Mrs Welsh and Mrs Hulland
Summer Term 2017
Welcome back to you all after the Easter break. We are keen to get learning in Otters' class and this term our topic will be 'Magic!', our key question is 'What is magic?' and we will be looking at a number of ways to answer this, the topic overview for the term can be found below. 
We have a busy term planned and cannot wait to see the outcomes. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for new photos and updates from the class! 
Mrs Emma Orchard  

A normal day in the life of an Otter!

 Our day usually starts with a short ‘coming in’ task in the morning, linked to the children’s current learning, followed by phonics, English and Maths. During the afternoon the children will have a guided reading session and then move onto other areas of the curriculum such as science, geography, RE, PE, ICT and art etc. We try where possible to link our learning to the current topic and to ensure that the children's learning is contextualised and relates to their lives, thus making learning meaningful and memorable. 

Homework can be located under the homework heading. You can access the active learn platform by double clicking on the link below - there is already new activities for your children to try!

We continue to have open mornings on a by-weekly basis and I am available to discuss any queries you may have during these sessions, alternatively I can be contacted by email at: 


Homework is weekly in Otters' class and will cover a range of learning including writing, maths, reading and creative activities linked to topic themes.  Homework will be sent home on a Friday evening and should be returned by Wednesday the following week. The children can earn a sticker for each piece of work they complete and these can be be transferred into 'smilies' as per our school reward system. 
I also send home key words, on a weekly basis to help your children with their spellings and children are expected to read at home with their parents on a regular basis.
Welcome to Buginham Palace!
September 2018
We made Bug Castles! Look at all the amazing things we found around our school to make houses for our bugs. We researched what we would need using the internet before we went out and got collecting and building. Take a look at the pictures below: 
October 2017
For our topic this half term we have been learning about castles. Look at the amazing castles we have built. We worked hard to be good team members and enjoyed using lots of different types of building blocks to create Motte and Bailey Castles. 
Powderham Castle - October 2017
During the first part of this half term we learnt about castles and we went to visit Powderham Castle. We dressed as Victorians for the day and worked as cooks and cleaners around the Castle. We even met Lady Devon herself. 
Multi-Skills at QE - February 2018
We got to visit QE higher and worked with some of the year 9 pupils, we did lots of fun activities.
Magic Workshop - April 2018
We are learning about Magic during the summer term and we had a magic workshop at school. A real magician came in and taught us some of his tricks!