Teacher: Mr Johnston
TA: Mrs Brine
PPA Cover: Mrs Camp
Autumn term 2018 - Gaming!
Last term, the children chose gaming as their topic and we have got some exciting areas to cover this term which they will hopefully enjoy.  We will have the fun of programming our own computer games as well as making our own French board game.
Our writing will see us argue about the appropriateness of gaming, write stories where we are transported into another computer-world and write explanation of how electrical devices actually work!
Our class of 26 are really looking forward to the term ahead and all that we can find out and have fun making and doing.
Please see the attached planning document and letters for further details!
Mr Johnston
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Maths Revision Videos
Here are a range of videos to help with some of the trickier aspects of arithmetic.
Multiplying fractions
Adding and subtracting fractions
Dividing Fractions
Comparing fractions
Finding precentages of a number
Long division  - dividing by two digit numbers
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