Teacher: Mr Johnston
TA: Mrs Brine
PPA Cover: Mrs Camp

Spring term 2019: The Movies

Last term, the children chose ‘The Movies’ as their topic and we have got some exciting areas to cover this term which they will hopefully enjoy.  We will learn some great recent songs from film on the keyboard and glockenspiel as well as learning about script writing and developing stories from differing points of views of characters.

We hope to have a visit to the cinema as part of our topic and will be doing some fundraising with a film club to raise some funds towards this venture!  The cost of coach travel and tickets for a class would put us nearly at £20 per pupil – so all efforts will be put into reducing this price for parents.

Our class of 26 are really looking forward to the term ahead and learning about the development of film industry in America as well as learning and writing about a range of different topics via the films ‘Moana’ and ‘The Incredibles’.

Please see the attached planning document and letters for further details!

Mr Johnston

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