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Support for Families and Useful Links

Early Help

Early Help is an offer across Devon from all professionals working with and supporting families.  There are times when all families need help, support and advice to find solutions to a difficulty they are facing.  

Early Help is a proactive, solution-focussed strategy that supports the family to move forward.  It’s a way for professionals to support you. There’s more information on Devon’s Early Help here.  

Mental Health

Talking Mental Health (subtitled) - YouTube

This guide from the Anna Freud Mentally Healthy Schools website supports parents and carers to foster open relationships within their family where everyone can feel comfortable to talk about their mental health - which is going to help everyone’s mental health improve.

Mental health awareness in children

NHS site - includes information about a range of areas of mental health and wellbeing

Friendships and relationships

This website has a range of videos, ideas and resources to help parents support their child to develop and maintain positive relationships and learn the vital skills of conflict resolution.

Starting School and Transitions.  

This website has tips for parents of children in the lead up to and when they first start school.  

Here's a podcast aimed at supporting parents and carers whose child is moving from Year 6 to Year 7 

12 Tips for a smooth Year 6 to 7 transition


Bullying: a parent’s guide.  What is bullying, how can we identify it and work together to prevent it?  This is a very helpful guide from the Scottish Government.

What to do if my child is bullying another child.  Linked to the resource above, this guide from the Scottish Government gives advice and practical tips.

This resource can help parents and carers to find out more about what happened when their child feels bullied and tell us at school so we can work together to find a way to resolve the problem.  


What is Anxiety? is a resource for parents and carers to help them explain what anxiety is to their child.

Internet Safety

Safer Internet Day 2023 - film for parents and carers - YouTube