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Swimming Pool

As you are aware, we are extremely fortunate to have our own swimming pool on the site at Bow Community Primary School. 

This enables the children to receive a swimming lesson each week during the last half-term of the school year. Our aim is that every child, who leaves the school, will be able to swim 25 metres. 

We operate a coloured hat assessment system, so that the lifeguards can see at a glance who is a swimmer and who is a non-swimmer:  

Red Hats: Beginners and / or Nervous Swimmers

Yellow Hats: Confident in the deepest water, able to swim two lengths, tread water for 30 seconds and go underwater. 

Blue Hats: Able to complete 4 lengths or more, demonstrating 2 strokes


Bow Swimming Pool Management Committee (BSPMC)

The pool is run by a committee. These are listed below.

  • Rob Bishop- Chair

  • Breifini Perkins - Treasurer 

  • Natalie Chandler - Secretary

  • Jennie Petersson - BSPMC Member

  • Karen Gutans - BSPMC Member/ Lifeguard 

  • Laura Martin - BSPMC Member

  • Becky Pugsley - BSPMC Member

  • Mish Boardman -BSPMC Member

  • Jo Drake - BSPMC Member

  • Chris Johnston - BSPMC member and School Representative


Please visit our Bow School Swimming Pool Facebook Page: