Whole School Sketching Skills Day
Autumn 2019
The children used a variety of media to create drawings from observation. They learned how to really look at the objects and notice the different lines, shapes and areas of light and dark. They sketched leaves and their teddies.
The children learned a variety of techniques including shading, hatching and creating different types of line.They experimented with different tones using graded pencils and charcoal.They investigated shapes and perspective from different view points and have begun to develop shadows. After practicing the different techniques, they sketched their shoe, 3D shapes and a still life composition.
Progression of Sketching Skills
Here are a selection of the fantastic sketches completed on the day - from Reception to Year 6.
The Big Draw
The children learned how to draw figures using the 'sausage and egg' technique. The whole school worked collaboratively to create a large scale banner depicting life at Bow School.