Catch-Up Programme

COVID-19 Catch up programme
The global pandemic of 2020 - 2021, resulted in a large number of children being home educated from March 2020, until schools reopened in September 2020.  For many children, being absent from school for so long had a huge impact on both their social and emotional wellbeing as well as their learning.  
The results of this were seen when teachers conducted baseline assessments in September to determine how far behind pupils were.  All pupils, with the exception of the new starter Reception pupils had fallen behind the levels that were recorded for these pupils in the  March 2020 assessments.
The government recognised that a catch-up programme would need to be delivered to help pupils make up the learning that they had missed during this time. They have ensured that schools receive funding to facilitate this.
Below is the report on how we are going to use the DfE money for catch up at Bow CP School.