Christmas In Different Countries and Cultures

Aims of the Project:

To have a better understanding of children from different countries, cultures and religions: their daily life and routines, their festivals, celebrations and beliefs, and their interests and hobbies.


The Children will have a wider knowledge and understanding of different cultures, religions and traditions.

Countries Participating:

Spain, France, Italy, Armenia, Greece and Poland

Project Leader: Linda Williamson (Bow School, England)

The first part of the project is to share information about our schools and surrounding area. Here are the presentations created by each school.
Pupil Profiles
In order to learn more about each other, the children have written profiles about themselves.
Sharing Recipes
Each school has shared a recipe - we made Peppermint Creams.
Christmas in Different Countries
Each school has shared how they celebrate Christmas in their country.
Crediton Parish Church Christmas Tree Festival
As part of our project, we decided to decorate our festival tree with flags from all around Europe ... including the countries we are partnered with. If you watch until the end of the video, you will see a close up of our tree!