Community Links

Community Links
Bow CP School has many different community links: locally, within the village of Bow and wider, within the Crediton Learning Community, which the school is part of.
Our pupils have the opportunity to participate in may different events over the course of the year, some locally, such as singing to the residents of Orchard Care Home or taking part in the Christmas Fair, and others that involve the wider community: participating in the St Boniface Christmas Tree event, Crediton, or The Great Hall singing and Performing event in Exeter.
We recognise that some of the events that our children participate in, may not be recognised as Community events, which is why we have highlighted the things we do, on a separate web page.
The Crediton Learning Community Music Event at the Great Hall, Exeter.
Visit from Okehampton Beekeepers Society - May 26th 2017
Two members from the local beekeepers society came and visited Hares class, as part of their science work on flowers.
They brought with them an observation hive, honey and propolis.  Members of Hares had a lovely time learning all about the anatomy of bees and how they work together as a community to produce honey and look after the bees.
Hares have made 'bees' to sell and produced works of art that will go on display in the bee tent at the Okehampton show, which takes place in August in Okehampton.