Daily Routine

School Day

At the moment these details are different due to COVID - pupils are in 'bubbles'. Class teachers can give you more information if required.

The school day starts at 8.55am with our EYFS and KS1 pupils entering the school via their cloakroom entrance at the front of the school, under the canopied area.  Our KS2 pupils, make their way to the back of the building, via the footpath located to the left of the building.  Here they will enter the playground area; their cloakroom is located at the rear of the building, near the swimming pool.

The KS1 packed lunches can be left on the table which is located  front of the school under the canopy; all KS2 pupils who have a packed lunch may leave their lunch bags/boxes on the trolley outside the hall.

8.55am Registration takes place.

9.10am Morning Assembly (Wednesdays*) or lesson begins

9.30am Lessons begin

10.10am Morning Assembly (Monday,Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

10.30am Morning Break

10.45am Break ends and lessons re-commence

12.15pm Morning session ends for KS1 and lunch begins

12.30pm Morning session ends for KS2 and lunch begins

1.30pm Lunch ends and afternoon session begins

At some point in the afternoon, EYFS and KS1 pupils have a 10 minute break - this is determined by the class teachers and is dependent upon what activity the pupils are engaged in.

3.30pm School Finishes for all classes

*Collective worship is a valued part of our daily routine. On the days that pupils are not in the hall for collective worship, they can be found within their classroom using this time, at any point during the day, for quiet reflection as directed by their classteacher, but following the PSHE curriculum.  This is to allow for greater flexibility to the school timetable and teachers to complete certain aspects of the National Curriculum. 

Health & Safety

Key Stage 1 Children

We feel that all Key Stage 1 children need to be in the care of a responsible adult until school begins in the morning.  Please do not leave your young children unsupervised in school or in the playground.

Please note, that following a Health and Safety inspection, the metal climbing frame structure in the playground is NOT suitable for pupils in KS1.  When parents are waiting for older siblings to finish an after school activity, they should be mindful of this and ensure that children do not climb on the metal structure.  

Key Stage 1 + 2 Children

We need to know whom to entrust your child with at the end of the day, therefore if there is any change from the usual routine, please let the teacher know, either by letter, in person, or by telephone in an emergency.  Please collect your child promptly at the end of the school day as children often become distressed if a parent is not there.

Supervision becomes increasingly difficult after school hours due to staff meetings and other commitments.  For safety reasons, the school endeavours to keep a record of all children walking to and from school unaccompanied.  Could you please inform the class teacher if your child should be added to the list.