Welcome to Hares' Class!
Teachers: Miss Salmon & Mrs Williamson
TAs: Mrs Brine, Mrs Welsh, Miss Loader, Mrs Hulland & Mrs Seymour
(not all at the same time!) 
Academic Year 2020/21
Mrs Williamson continues to teach Hares' class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings, whilst Miss Salmon teaches on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. 
Whilst our main focus in the first couple of weeks will be to support the pupils with coming back into school after such a long time away from the classroom, our expectation will be that they will continue to receive a broad and balanced curriculum. 
Our autumn term topic for the whole school is based around the theme of ‘Change’. Hares will be focusing on ‘Change in the woodland’ and will study Enid Blyton’s ‘The Enchanted Wood.’ In the first couple of weeks, we will be studying the poem ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ by Smriti Halls – this will help the pupils deal with the emotions they may be feeling associated with returning to school.
PE will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays - please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit  on these days. 
For more detail about what the children will be learning this term, please refer to Hares'Autumn Term 2020 Parent letter which was sent out at the end of week 1.
Clay Tiles
Hares' art project this term was to design and make a clay tile based on a Victorian Christmas.
First, they explored different patterns using art pencils. 
Clay Tiles
Next, the children explored how to create those patterns in clay and how to slip and score.
This week the class have been recapping time. Today we went outside and made a 'Human Clock'!
Anglo Saxon Day
The Battle!
Anglo Saxon Houses
In Geography, the children have been learning about the human and physical features of different places. Today, they went on a walk around Bow and made observations about the physical and human features of the village. They also thought about how we might improve the village - there were some interesting ideas: a bakery, a zebra crossing or traffic lights with a pelican crossing, and a cafe. We also visited Bow Garden Centre where the children enjoyed looking around and feeding the carp. We were also treated to a delicious cookie made by Ellena's mum, Ruth! Thank you Ruth and Bow Garden Centre ... the children thoroughly enjoyed it!
Narrative Art Project
The children have explored the painting St George and the Dragon by Uccello. They used this painting as the inspiration for their own narrative painting.
2. Learning about Foreground, Mid-Ground and Background
The children sketched a landscape and explored perspective.
4. Exploring Ideas for Narrative Painting
Using all of the skills learned in the previous activities, the children created their own narrative sketch based on their last English Sequence: The Mini Adventures of Lord Percy - in particular the scene where Lord Percy battles with the dragons that live in the jungle.
6. The Final Painting
The children used a wax resist technique to create their painting. They mixed their colours on the paper.
8. Creating the Recylced Painting
Keeping Safe Online
Numerous children across the school are regularly using social media inappropriately. Please visit https://www.net-aware.org.uk/ for guidelines to age appropriateness of most sites. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube all have age limits of 13 to be able to sign up. If your child is signing up for this without your permission they are breaking the site’s rules. Any unsupervised use of Youtube in particular is greatly discouraged – we consider the quantity of inappropriate content that children have access to through this website to be grossly unsuitable. We advise using the ‘Youtube Kids’ app or only using Youtube in family rooms/with supervision. Please monitor and vet your children’s devices – you are helping to safeguard your child’s wellbeing by doing so, it is not an invasion of their privacy.
Home Learning
Useful Websites to support your child's learning:
As part of our 'Change' Topic, we are exploring the idea of changing our woodland into an enchanted woodland. Initially, we explored the woodland to try and see if we could locate different features and objects, and then plot them on a map. Later, we used our mirrors to explore what was above us.
Clay Tiles
After exploring how to use the clay, the children made their own tile. They created layers to make it more 3D and added their patterns.
Clay Tiles
Finally, the children painted their tiles using pearlised paint. Aren't they amazing!
Anglo Saxon Day
The Invasion on Longboats!
Anglo Saxon Day
The Shield Wall
In English, the children have been learning how to write a letter in the first person. Their letters were in response to a letter from Ulric - one of the characters in the film. The children named the small knight, Lord Percy.
Here is the link to the film:
or search You Tube for 'The Tiny Crusader'
We have attached a letter written by Freda.
Hares' Sports Day 7.7.21
A selection of photos from a very showery Sports Day! 
1. Sketching Skills
Before the children explored their ideas for narrative art, they learned different shading techniques.
3. Foreground, Mid-Ground and Background Collages
5. Exploring Colour Mixing
Before the children completed their final painting, they explored mixing colours using only the primary colours. 
7. Bernard Pras
The children learned about the artist called Bernard Pras who recreates famous paintings using recycled materials. The children created their own 'recycled' painting based on St George and the Dragon by Uccello.
9. The Finished 'Painting' Using Recycled Materials