Rolling Programmes

Rolling Programmes
Within each class at Bow CP School, there are two year groups who access a wide range of learning opportunities over a two year period.  To ensure that all pupils can access the full range of learning within the curriculum, each class has a 'rolling programme' which sets out the topics of learning that children will encounter whilst in their respective classes. Each rolling programme does not specify every single subject that a child will be learning during the course of that term.  To see this in more detail, the class teacher will send out at the beginning of each term, a completed programme for the forthcoming term.
Each two-year rolling programme follows the national curriculum and has been arranged so that one year they will follow the programme labelled 'odd year' - matching 2021-22 and the following year the rolling programme labelled 'even year' will be followed - 2022-2023.
Below, you will find rolling programmes for KS1 - Foxcubs and Otters, KS2  - Hares, Badgers and Stags, from 2021 onwards. The rolling programmes cover the wide range of learning from the Foundation Subjects as well as Science and RSHE, which lend  themselves to some fabulous learning opportunities for the pupils and can be linked to many of the foundation subjects to make excellent topics for learning.  The foundation subjects include: art, design technology, history, geography, computing, music and PE. Religious Education is also taught in each class and follows the Devon Primary Handbook for RE - 'Ready to Go' across the year.
Pupil Voice
Pupils are involved in choosing aspects of their topic, this enables a fuller immersion and involvement in their learning.  Each term their is an outcome for the theme, so that the children have the opportunity to showcase their learning.  Sometimes this is to parents and sometimes this is to a wider audience.