Welcome to our Safeguarding Page At Bow CP School
We take the safeguarding of our pupils very seriously. We have four safeguarding officers who are trained to level 3 safeguarding (the highest level of training that is available), and all other members of staff receive annual safeguarding training. In addition to this, our governors and all volunteers undertake annual safeguarding training.
Headteacher, Mrs Clare Wilmott, is the Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer. It is my job to ensure that the welfare of ALL our pupils is the best that we can provide. My primary consideration is that of the child and their wellbeing, be that physically, mentally or emotionally. All incidents, comments and allegations will be fully investigated and where necessary, referred to the appropriate local authority team via the MASH (multi agency safeguarding hub).
A referral can be made by anyone, including members of the public if they have concerns regarding the safety of a child.   Within the school, a referral will be made by one of the Designated Safeguarding Officers. If you have any concerns regarding the wellbeing of a child, please call the MASH team - you can do this anonymously if you wish by telephoning the team on: 0345 155 1071.
Meet The Team
  • Mrs Wilmott

    Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer

  • Mr Johnston

    Designated Safeguarding Officer

  • Mrs Gillard

    Designated Safeguarding Officer

  • Mrs Amy Harvey

    Designated Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding Newsletters
Internet Safety
Here are some websites that can help you to keep your child safe on the internet:
 You can help keep your child safe on the net by following a few simple guidelines - have a look at the advice on this page.
This is one of the latest places for advice (January 2020):

It is about a resource in keeping your children safe. This guide highlights what are the risks of kids being online, and how do you keep your children safe online to name a few.

The BBC has recently (December 2017) launched a website that is specifically aimed at children between the ages of 9 and 13 years of age. The website gives pupils information on how to keep safe, what to do if someone is sending nasty messages or asking for personal information.  Check out this great source for e-safety using the link below:
The link below is for the Devon & Torbay Safeguarding Children's' Board page
The link below is to a video created by South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL)
CEOPS - the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre, have a link to their website
SCOMIS (the company who provide lots of training for the local authority, as well as internet support for schools, have a page called 'Growing Up Digital'. It contains some really up-to-date useful advice for parents, including information on the dangers of certain Apps - including new ones.  Follow the link for further information
The NSPCC provide lots of material and guides to apps and websites that children regularly use.  If you want to know if what your child is accessing is suitable for their age group - have a look on this site
The NSPCC offers a programme that we use in school called the "PANTS" programme; it is used with children from Reception through to Year 6 - you will find some good advice contained within the link below to help your child keep safe on a personal level.
In school, we do lots of work around internet safety, including tablets, mobiles and iPads (e-safety).  Have a look at the video contained within the link below, entitled "I saw your willy" - it is worth watching yourself and sharing with your child, as it demonstrates the dangers of 'sexting'.
For help and guidance on keeping your children safe online, take a look at the information below.