Sports Premium Funding

Please find below on the link, the Sports Premium Report for Bow School for the last three years, with the 2020 report being the latest addition.  We have accomplished lots of training for staff and pupils have experienced a wide range of activities over the last year.  We have targeted different groups of children and have reached out to those pupils, who are not as sporty as others, via our lunchtime  - Sports Club, run by Mr Evans.


Our 2019 - 2020 children were unable to swim due to COVID, therefore we are unable to report on our year 6 children's swimming abilities for the last academic year. 

We are continuously looking at ways to improve what we provide for the children,  in terms of after school sports and in school opportunities.  Hopefully this year, there will be further opportunities to experience different sports from previously/

Many thanks for taking the opportunity to look at what we're up to!