Support for Families

Managing our emotions can be difficult for us all at some time in our lives, especially so when challenges get thrown at us in the world or in our personal lives. 

As part of our school's commitment to helping our families, we are able to give support in classrooms, in groups and as individuals. 

Sometimes parents get in touch with teachers to let them know that their child doesn't seem themselves and there is a worry at home or at school. We will work in partnership to support you and your child to start to overcome these worries or find strategies to cope with them.

We are a busy school and children are always doing something - however, we also take time to stop and reflect. It is important to give children time to understand their feelings and articulate them with friends and adults that they trust.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff about any concerns, worries or where to go for help, please contact the member of staff via 

Support for children and young people (ages 5+) with SEND in Devon